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dream a little-- yeah you know.
So I haven't posted in about 350 years. I would explain, but. I don't know, I guess I just didn't have anything to post about, so I never did. I also seem to have been sucked dry of whatever writing mojo I may have had before. TASTE. MY. SAD. D:

Anyway, a few additional things: Inception. Arthur/Eames, I ship it! Just getting that out there. I've been lurking quite spectacularly over at inception_kink and been reading off rec list after rec list and it's been good. Sometimes I feel bad that I have nothing to contribute, but most times I just bask in all the amazing lovely writing the fandom (which exploded) has to offer. Also, I've been spending an inordinate amount of time on tumblr, and I've posted a bunch of graphics over there, enough to maybe constitute as an picspam over here, so--


General Movie Goodness

The Point Man


The Forger / Random Tom Hardy Yum

The Eames and Arthur Hour



/end picspam

All of these can also be found on my tumblrrrr.

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LINKS? WHAT LINKS? *cough* It's sad that none of them are smutty. *fails at life*

THE LINKS THAT I AM PINING FOR!!! I would read them anyway, you don't need smut to be awesome! Though it definitely helps. :P

Lol, my smut-fu is broken at the moment, and all my brain seems to produce is FLUUUUUUFF. D:

Lemme go look for the links. ;P

I know I did one for Round 1, but I forgot what it was and I'm too lazy to look for it. D:

From Round 2

#1 from Round 3

#2 from Round 3

From Round 4

*head desks*

YAYYYY!!! Thank you so much darling! I will be reading them all! ♥

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