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(Tiny) Master Fic List



  • If I Could Rearrange the Alphabet, I'd Put U and I Together, Etc. | PG 13 | ~2000 words
    “You’re telling me,” Jared says, “that you’ve never had to use a pick-up line? Ever?

  • No, You Hang Up | R | ~1500 words
    Jared has approximately twenty-nine flaws that Jensen has listed in his head. Jared is full of love and Jensen is neurotic (and also, full of love).

  • Rough Draft | PG | ~1400 words
    When Jensen kisses Jared, it isn’t at all part of any plan.

  • disquisition | PG | ~1700 words
    Jensen is watching TV on the couch when Jared plops down next to him and asks, “If you were an ice cream flavor, which one would you be?” Jared has a perfectly normal thirst for knowledge.

  • Better Things | R | ~1700 words
    Jared lived on hand-me-downs until he was old enough to buy clothes for himself. There are things Jared will settle for.

  • like boobs on a man | PG | ~200 words
    Random J2 drabble thing maybe set during the LA Con? Okay.

  • Edit | R | ~1800 words
    And each time, with each touch that means more than it did before— before this, Jensen thinks, now there is this to lose.

  • 3 J2 Drabbles | PG 13
    Requests: that Beyonce Single Ladies song, Sugar high, and Pancakes.

  • You Are Here | PG 13 | ~600 words
    It hits him like a punch in the face then, no warning, just a drunk guy in a bar blindly looking for an alcohol-induced fight and then bam. He wants to go home. Jensen gets homesick sometimes.

  • where we have chosen to remain | PG 13 | ~2300 words
    When they film the last episode of the last season and everyone walks away, Jensen doesn’t want to be the guy left standing in the empty lot wondering where the fuck everybody went. Jensen likes to be ready.

  • Home Improvement | PG 13 | ~1600 words
    Jared likes fixing things that are broken.

  • Yet to Have | PG 13 | ~800 words
    “Jen,” Jared says, and then the bed is dipping under Jared’s weight, Jared’s horizontal weight, and maybe tonight is different. It always came back down to this.

  • Taking Note | PG | ~650 words
    When they go out for the first time, on a date, Jensen keeps the label of one of his beer bottles. It’s not that Jensen’s sentimental. He just wants to remember certain things.

  • Some Road | PG | ~1000 words
    Sleep deprived and walking on this open street, the dogs leading them, Jared’s warmth resting on his shoulders— Jensen feels content.



  • press against this weaponry | PG | 755 words
    4.14 Coda. Commentfic. Prompt: Sam/Dean- Sam dealing with the guilt of what he said.

  • untitled drabble | R | 100 words
    Prompt: Sam/Dean, prison cell.

  • and if he repent | R | ~1400 words
    They were never meant to be apart, and now, with Dean opening his lips against Sam's, it feels a lot like penance. Sam is sorry. 4.22 Coda

OLDER FIC (Which I Am Too Lazy to Code)


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