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we'll check the belly of the sun

to know exactly where we're from

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movies, fic
I watched two pretty awesome movies this past week-- Were the World Mine and Hedwig and the Angry Inch. The first one is just the most adorable thing ever, with pretty boys and lovely songs and just, happymaking vibes all around. And I know Hedwig came out like, almost a decade ago, but whatever. I love it now. I've been singing Origin of Love for like, three days.

Anyway, ficlet. This is for nightowl81, I hope you like it, hon!

Some Road
Jared/Jensen | PG13 | ~1000 words
Sleep deprived and walking on this open street, the dogs leading them, Jared’s warmth resting on his shoulders— Jensen feels content.

They’ve been filming for four days straight, moving from location to location and sleeping at such odd hours that Jensen’s body clock is screwed to hell by Thursday. Or Friday. Hell, it could even be Tuesday, Jensen doesn’t really know anymore.

All he’s aware of right now is that he’s in a van that’s headed home, home, with a nice big bed and no one to call him back on set for at least ten hours, and Jared looking out the window beside him, hand resting on Jensen’s knee.

When they get through the door of the house, Jensen barely has time to remind himself that they have two giant dogs who get too excited over things like their favorite people coming home. Harley and Sadie pounce on him, and Jared, being the bastard that he is, darts behind Jensen and uses him as a shield, laughing as Jensen lets out an ‘oomph’ at the onslaught of tongues and paws.

“You’re a shitty master,” Jensen says, and Jared laughs again before moving out from behind him and crouching down to let the dogs lick at his face.

“Who’s a shitty master, huh, who’s a shitty master,” Jared baby-talks as he scratches behind the dogs’ ears and rubs their bellies. “Not Jared, nuh-uh, I loooove my babies.”

Jensen snickers and makes his way to the couch, dropping face first into it. “And I love my babies,” he says to one particular fluffy pillow that’s soft in all the right places, holding it to his chest. He thinks he could fall asleep right here, jacket and shoes still on; he doesn’t have to move ever again. Then Jared sits on his legs.

“The fuck?” Jensen says, peering at him from under the pillow.

“I’m gonna take the dogs for a walk,” Jared says, smiling down at him.

“At 3:30 AM?” Jensen doesn’t actually know what time it is, but it feels like 3:30AM— it’s some ungodly hour, he’s sure.

“It’s only two,” Jared replies, grinning. “And they’re excited. And anyway, I’ve got all this stupid leftover adrenaline, I can’t sleep yet.” He rubs his hand against Jensen’s thigh and pats it before standing.

“Just- I’ll be back, okay?” he says, pecking at Jensen’s lips before walking away.

Jensen stares at his retreating form for a while, then groans.

“Jared,” he calls before Jared’s out the door. “Wait, I’ll come with.”


“Dude, you’re sleepwalking,” Jared says.

“I am not,” Jensen retorts, abruptly blinking his eyes open.

Jared laughs. “Open your eyes, man,” he says, replacing the dogs’ leashes to his other hand. “What if you trip, and fall, and die?”

“I’m gonna haunt your ass for eternity, maybe,” Jensen replies, the last word coming out more of a yawn than anything.

“You’d just make out with me while I’m asleep,” Jared says. “Like in Ghost.”

“I don’t think they ever made out in Ghost,” Jensen says.

“Whatever,” Jared mumbles.

Jensen hums; he knows these filler conversations, little exchanges that don’t really mean anything. They’re comfortable and easy, holding no real purpose other than to skate over the silence. He watches the dogs and shoves his hands into his jacket pockets.

A few more minutes pass, his legs and feet just going through the motions of walking, and without realizing it he finds that he’s moved closer to Jared and is leaning against him as they walk. Jared puts an arm around him, and just like that, Jensen’s heart clenches— sleep deprived and walking on this open street, the dogs leading them, Jared’s warmth resting on his shoulders— Jensen feels content.

God, it takes so little.

Jensen stops in his tracks and turns to face Jared, and Jared sort of stops, too, but the dogs are still walking so he trips forward a little bit and ends up pressed close to Jensen.

Jared gets a hold of the dogs. He goes kind of cross-eyed when he looks down at Jensen, who doesn't budge from where he’s standing.

“Hi,” Jensen says, tilting his face up.

Jared smiles. “Hey,” he says softly. He looks around at the empty road, the lonely streetlights. “It’s nice, isn’t it? No one around to worry about.”

“Yeah,” Jensen agrees, then brings his hands to Jared’s face and pulls him down. It’s still amazing, when they do this, it still takes Jensen’s breath away every single time. Jared’s mouth is warm and soft and such a stark difference against the cold night air, defying everything around them, but that’s Jared, always being larger than everything else, outweighing every other fear and anxiety Jensen’s ever had with his huge smiles and huge hands and huge heart.

Jared licks into his mouth and Jensen sighs into the kiss, pressing himself completely against Jared and wrapping his arms around his neck the way he never would, were they here at some other time of the day, with people milling about, jogging with their dogs, watching.

Jensen feels exhilarated by the time Jared pulls away, grinning down at him. “Hey, that was awesome,” Jared says, thumb coming up to wipe at Jensen’s lower lip. “But the dogs are kinda strong—“

“Oh,” Jensen says. “Yeah.” He moves away to stand beside Jared again and sees the dogs straining against their leashes, wanting to move. “Sorry.”

Jared laughs, “Oh, I can never forgive you for making out with me like that. It’s inexpiable.”

Jensen rolls his eyes as they start walking again. “Why are you using words like that at four in the morning? It’s not like I’m gonna give you a gold star.”

“Just trying to impress you,” Jared says, smirking. “And it’s only three.”

“Whatever,” Jensen mutters, grabbing one of the leashes, then Jared’s arm. He puts it around his shoulders again where it was before, and Jared obliges. Then he kisses Jensen’s forehead, because he's a sap-- and Jensen's gonna make fun of him for it one day, some day when he's not too busy actually liking it.

They’re walking in the cold at some strange hour on some road that he doesn’t know the name of. And Jensen knows it’s stupid and terribly unhealthy, but he’d choose this over sleep any time.

Now go look at amazing accompanying art! 3 AM by nightowl81

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Awww, they're just too adorable for words. <333

Hee, thank you so much for reading! <333

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